Overwhelmingly Average

Typical girl-next-door.

In a room of extroverts, no one wants to listen to the idea that “being shy is okay”
but I am not broken just because I’m not a social butterfly.
It’s not okay to tell me I need to fix myself if I don’t feel comfortable talking in large groups, or small groups, or to anyone new.
The world would fall apart if every human was outspoken, because there would be no one left to listen.
I am not the same as you, but that does not mean that either of us is wrong.

It sucks because my doctor basically told me that I won’t ever be back to normal, and I just have to make a new baseline and go from there

It’d be cool if I didn’t have such bad allergies along with eveRY OTHER THING WRONG WITH ME AND MY LIFE


have you ever brought up a topic like ableism or misogyny or cissexism around people you love and trust and just seen the boredom and exasperation and ‘here we go again’ in their eyes and suddenly felt a little bit less safe